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Relocation Information: Everything That You Will Need To Do When Relocating To Myrtle Beach

The city of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina has become a magnet for many potential homeowners. This is mostly because of its great infrastructure, its top-notch amenities, and its reliable utilities and services. If you are planning a relocation to Myrtle Beach from any other state, you will have to comply with certain requirements. You have to be familiar with these requirements in order to ensure that you relocation process is as smooth as possible. Some of the things that you have to do when you move to Myrtle Beach from outside South Carolina include:

Register your vehicle

If you own a vehicle, it is definitely registered in your current state. When you relocate to Myrtle Beach in South Caroline, you will have to transfer this registration within forty five days. You can complete Form 400, which is the Application for Certificate Of Title Or Registration, and mail it to the South Carolina Department Of Motor Vehicles. You will be required to provide your vehicle’s title and registration from your former state, information on your liability insurance, a receipt showing that you have paid your vehicle property tax, and the completed Form 400. If you have a national insurance provider, you should change your address with them before you register your vehicle in South Carolina.

Get your South Carolina Driver’s License

When you buy a home in Myrtle Beach with the intention of living here for a while, you will need to apply for a South Carolina driving license. If you already have a driver’s license from your previous state, you can use it for a maximum of 90 days. After the 90 days period, you will have to surrender that driver’s license and get a new license from the state of South Carolina. Depending on the class of driver’s license that you hold, you will have to complete a Form 447-CDL or Form 447-NC. If the name that is on your birth certificate is different from the name that you use now, you will have to provide all documents that support the name change such as a marriage certificate, adoption records, or court-ordered name change documents.

If the driver’s license from your previous state had already expired by more than nine months, you will also have to take the knowledge and road test in order to obtain a driver’s license in South Carolina. If this is the case, you should call the DMV where you would like to take the road test in order to schedule it.

Contacting the South Carolina utility companies

In order to ensure reliable provision of utility services such as electricity, gas, water, waste management, cable, internet, and telephones, you will need to contact the South Carolina utility companies. You will have to contact these utility companies in order to inform them of the start date. This is the date when you will relocate to Myrtle Beach and therefore start using their services.

Transferring school information to the new school district

If you have school-going children, you will have to get copies of their transcripts from their previous school. You will have to contact the new school that they will be attending in order to transfer this information to them. You will also have to contact their new school district in Myrtle Beach in order to ensure that every necessary form and application has been filled. You can find information on all the schools in the two school districts in Myrtle Beach on their respective websites.

Registering as a voter

In order to register as a South Carolina voter, you will need to have obtained your South Carolina driver’s license or your SCDMV ID. If you are relocating to Myrtle Beach from any other city or town within South Carolina, you will have to update your new address with the DMV before you register as a voter. In order to register, you can go to scvotes.org to complete an online registration form. You can also go to the county board of voter registration in order to register in person. You can choose to mail or fax your completed registration form to the county board of voter registration. You can register as a voter immediately after you receive your driver’s license from the SCDMV. However, you must register at least 30 days before any election in order to be eligible to vote in that election.


You will need to do quite a number of things and to complete a bit of information during your relocation to Myrtle Beach. Though the process may look hectic, it will help the local government and the various service providers in this beautiful city to serve you better.

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