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An Exhaustive Moving Checklist That Will Make Your Move Easier and Stress-Free

After you have found your perfect home, the next big step is moving into it. The planning process can be hectic, and it is understandable if you dread it. However, the only way you will be able to enjoy your new home is if you are able to move in. With this beautiful thought in mind, you can start the planning process so that your move is stress-free. It is advisable to start planning at least eight weeks before the date of your move. The following is a very exhaustive checklist that will guide you throughout the moving process so that you can have an easier time:

8 weeks before you move

___ Make a binder where you will organize all the information related to your move.

___ Look for a moving and storage company that will help to transport your items. You can search online or ask for references from friends and family. Choose at least three moving companies, and ask them for an in-house consultation so that they can give you an accurate cost estimate.

___ If you own more than one car, make arrangements for their transportation. You can get a moving company to help you with this, or you can ask family members to drive each extra car to your new address.

___ Look around your house and identify items that you will not be relocating with. Also, identify all the items that will require insurance or protective packages during the move.

___ Call your kids’ school and ask them to prepare their school records so that they can be forwarded to the new school district.

___ Call your doctor’s or dentist’s office and get your medical records.

6 weeks before you move

___ Buy supplies such as tape, bubble wraps, containers, permanent markers and boxes.

___ Return anything that you had borrowed to its owner

___ Ask everyone who has your items to return them.

___ Pick the things that you do not need and sell them in a garage sell. You can also choose to donate them to charity.

___ Start consuming perishable foods and using up cleaning supplies. This way, they will be finished by the moving date.

4 weeks before moving

___ Call your chosen moving and storage company and finalize the details of the move with them.

___ Pack anything that is not frequently used in your home.

___ Mark your boxes so that you can know which items will be stored in them. Make an inventory and list everything that you own. Label one or two boxes that will have important items that you will require as soon as you relocate to your new house.

___ Have a box where you will store jewelry and important documents. You will carry this box with you on the day of the move.

___ Change you address at usps.gov, or go to your local post office and fill the change-of-address form. Nevertheless, you should still ask a close friend to forward any mail that will be sent to your old address so that you can receive all your mail even after you move out.

___ Tell all relevant parties about your move. Some of the companies that you should inform include your newspaper and magazine providers, your bank, your insurance company, and your credit card issuer. Also, call your utility companies and tell them about the date of your move so that they can cancel their services. Call the utility companies in your new city or town and tell them when you will start using their services. Ensure that you have called the phone, water, cable, internet, garbage, electric, and gas companies.

___ Talk to your new dentist or doctor and transfer your family’s medical records to them.

___ Give your family, friends, lawyer, employers, and accountant your new address.

___ Cancel all automated bills and payment plans in the current house.

2 weeks before moving

___ Inform your employers about your moving date and ask to be away from work on that day.

___ Call the moving company and ensure that you are on the same page about your moving arrangements.

___ Make arrangements so that services that you currently receive can be cancelled. These services can include lawn mowing, housekeeping, gardening, and pool cleaning services.

___ Ensure that all paper work on the current house and the new house have been fully completed.

___ Take your car for servicing. This is very important, especially if you will be going far or if you are moving to a different climate.

___ Clear your safe deposit box and keep the money in a smaller safe box that you can easily carry on the moving day.

___ Start slowly cleaning the house and packing your luggage.

___ Get rid of anything around your house that is flammable. This includes paint and gasoline.

___ Inspect all your items and record any damages on the inventory.

___ Disassemble your shelves and desks.

1 week before moving

___ Visit your pharmacist and refill all your prescriptions.

___ Pack everyone’s luggage and only leave out the clothes that family members will need for the remaining week.

2 -4 days before moving

___ Finish cleaning and packing.

___ If you will be carrying your refrigerator, make sure that it is emptied, defrosted, and cleaned.

___ Finalize all the moving arrangements, and make the payments. Plan for other moving-related costs such as dining and lodging.

___ Set aside the tools that you will need on the day of the move such as wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers.

___ Make sure that everyone has a bag of snacks and water bottles for the moving date.

Moving day

___ Start by taking the bed apart and packing the beddings.

___ After the movers arrive, show them around the house and tell them how to arrange your things in the truck.

___ After they pack your belongings, go around your house one last time and ensure that nothing has been left behind.

___ Take an inventory of all the boxes and sign a bill of lading.

___ Make sure that the movers know your exact address before they leave with all your belongings.


After you have purchased a new home, the process of moving is unavoidable. You can make it easier and less stressful if you are well organized. This comprehensive list will ensure that you take care of everything so that your move is easier on you and your family.



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